Marbles Jumbo Radio places the marginalized body as a central subject in their work, often through dance and physical practice. They are a 2008 CHIME grant recipient, and with mentor Simone Forti, they created the performance practice Ice Bergs, which they performed with Forti in and around Los Angeles between 2007-2013. More recent projects include performance in Meg Wolfe’s New Faithful Disco and ongoing collaboration with Yann Novak and Johanna Breiding in We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes, as well as dance work in Andrea Geyer’s Truly Spun Never. This Spring, 2016, Jumbo Radio co-directed woods and studio, a three-month community platform and resource for body-based practice and critical dialogue by and for queer and trans identified artists of color, together with taisha paggett and in conversation with the Pieter studio in Los Angeles.