Pepper Pepper (aka Kaj-anne Pepper) is a queen, choreographer, and performance artist living in Portland OR. S/he is fabulous and turns tragic into magic. Pepper has presented dance and theatre with at PICA’s TBA Festival, Risk/Reward, and Dance+. Recently awarded residencies with Signal Fire Arts, Con/Verge in Ponderosa Germany. Their drag tours regionally, and nationally in CA, WA, TX and NYC and internationally in Germany and Budapest. Their visual and video performances have been shown at OFFBiennale Budapest and Everybody Loves Art (fair) Budapest, Hungary. Pepper Pepper is RACC project grant recipient for Genderfantasy (2010) and D.I.V.A Practice (2015).

Selected Press:

Gender Fantasy,” Alley Hector,, December 2, 2011.

Selected Video: