Curated by Reed College and John and Anne Hauberg Curator and Director Stephanie Snyder and Samiya Bashir

“Nothing without the sound / won’t show me things / I need to hear you talking.”…

Reed College: Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery
sara web

Sarah AbuAbdallah


Part of THEMSELVES curated by Kristan Kennedy Sarah AbuAbdallah will be in embedded within the festival,…

PNCA: Mediatheque

keyon gaskin & sidony oneal

with Sampada Aranke and Kemi Adeyemi

Dead Thoroughbred artists sidony o’neal and keyon gaskin discuss process, concept, collaboration and their new TBA…

PNCA: Mediatheque
manuel web

Manuel Solano

The Sigourney Weaver Jam Sessions

Part of THEMSELVES curated by Kristan Kennedy US PREMIERE: Through painting, performance and video, Manuel Solano’s…

PICA at West End
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Half Straddle

Ghost Rings

WEST COAST PREMIERE: In Ghost Rings a narrative of friendship and family-making unfurls through a pop…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall

keyon gaskin and sidony oneal

Dead Thoroughbred

World Premiere: DT is peri-conceptual, dis-experimental, and a-nihilist. DT is a blackened performance that is never…

PICA at Hancock: Annex
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Faye Driscoll

Thank You For Coming: Play

WEST COAST PREMIERE: In the second installment of her Thank You for Coming series, Driscoll uses…

Imago Theatre

Sounds et al

Apperceptive Moment

Sounds et al presents Apperceptive Moment. Sound artists Ben Glas, Dolphin Midwives, Samson Stilwell and Amenta…

PICA at Hancock
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Part of THEMSELVES curated by Kristan Kennedy cvllerjerx (angelica maria millan lozano, maximiliano carlos – raphael…

PICA at Hancock
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Takahiro Yamamoto

Direct Path To Detour, Single Focus

WORLD PREMIERE: Grounded in the idea that a sense of who we are is rooted in…