CARTUNE XPREZ is a traveling roadshow that combines fresh animated videos with music, dance, and theatre performances for a genre-bending night of moving image and music. The party begins with a screening of video treats by Takeshi Murata, E*Rock, Dearraindrop, Michael Bell-Smith, Amy Lockhart and more, followed by a night of live magic starring Lucky Dragons, Hooliganship, Mean Age and UNIVERSE.

Luke Fischbeck is Lucky Dragons; American social psychedelia in an older style—like Shakers or like Quakers. Mysterious and giggly, his shows are highly participatory ceremonies that swell deep into the audience. Previous musical video performances have taken place in the Whitney Museum, the Centre Pompidou, the Kitchen, P.S. 1, and several hundred luminous and legendary living rooms, basements, DIY venues, party lofts and art galleries across the world.

Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris come together as Hooliganship, a multimedia power-grunge party band whose performances slip neatly between the cracks of dance, theatre, music, and video art. Be prepared to embark on a dizzying choose-your-own-adventure quest with these neon-clad dudes as your hosts. Costumes by Anna Weber.

Adrian Freeman and Ann Marie de Lathouder, founding members of the Minneapolis performance group Mean Age, present Superior Level of Treasure. Rooted in magic and spell-casting this dance of rainstorms, sickness, and romance will fill the Wonder Ballroom with wonder.

Claire L. Evans is UNIVERSE, a performative lecturer whose work addresses the synchronies between art, culture, and modern science. Previous lectures have addressed Unarian science, UFO cults, the blue screen of death, and Godzilla. Armed with a literature degree and wizened by years in the LA underground noise scene, Evans has presented her earnestly cosmic Power Point performances at MoMA P.S. 1, The Kitchen in NYC, and the Portland Art Center.

Catch Cartune Xprez Sunday, Sept 09th and Sunday, Sept 16th at The Living Room Theaters!
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