William Pope.L
Littman Gallery
Jan 15 Opening Reception, All Are Welcome
8-10 PM

Claim is on view from January 15- February 18, 2014
Gallery Hours, M-F  Noon – 4pm

When we quantify, we point. We point with a wavering finger. Like a child. Like a drunk. Like a dyslexic. Like a palsied person. Like a college student filled with helium. Like an old person filled with wisdom, we point with a wavering finger. And of course we insist; we insist we know, we know where we are pointing.

Claim is a piece xxxx, an exhibition about making sense of things and concomitantly making nonsense of that. Claim uses simple, poetic counting and quantification strategies to gnarly up a discussion about making sense/nonsense. The hinge between sense and nonsense is consciousness, or, more precisely, intention. This is a weak hinge: intention is ‘pointed at’ in this exhibition, usually where things do or do not come together. It may seem visually reticent, yet even so, it is important for use and interpretation xxxxx.