TBA:11 visual artist duo Claire Fontaine will lead a pre-Festival salon discussion on their current installation and their broader practice. Their art enacts an ideological bait-and-switch, referring to familiar artworks and constructs to expose the underlying impotence of our current society. Alongside their sculpture-based and installation work, Claire Fontaine have a robust theoretical writing practice, and have penned manifestos, philosophical treatises, and historical examinations of revolutionary legacies.

For TBA:11, the artists will map the United States of America in over 100,000 matches embedded in a classroom wall. Join us for a behind-the-scenes artist talk and see the piece in-progress—by Festival time, it may or may not have been burned. Then, follow us to Hal’s Tavern for beers and a wide-ranging conversation about art, capitalism, modern identities, and the future of societal revolution.