Iconic and not-so-iconic moments of the American Revolution come to life in this dance-driven rock musical directed by Dayna Hanson. With a creative corps that includes longtime collaborators Dave Proscia, Peggy Piacenza, Wade Madsen and Paul Moore, Gloria’s Cause sets about to revise America’s collective tale, linking modern ills to Revolutionary ironies. Warped replays of events like Paul Revere’s midnight ride are fueled by original music and a body of research that goes past scholarly sources to include punk rock, professional sports and 1970s television.

Gloria’s Cause is a National Performance Network (www.NPN.org) Creation Fund Project co-commissioned by On the Boards in partnership with Under the Radar Festival and NPN. The Creation Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Ford Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency). Additional support for Gloria’s Cause comes from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.