Following a philosophy of collaboration and shared creative energy, Fleshtone developed the themes and characters of the electro-opera Fleshtonics before the eyes of Portland and Seattle audiences, and will be performing the full work for the first time at TBA:06. Complete with original music and choreography, more than thirty handmade costumes, gymnastics, stage magic, video animation, and over-sized puppetry, Fleshtonics is an electronic-music performance combining elaborate theatrics with reckless gender-exploding sexuality in a twenty-one song narrative. Using the overlapping languages of music, dance, and visual art, Fleshtonics tells the story of one human’s transformation from a multi-gendered superhero into the messiah-like creator of a new utopia where unconditional love and freedom are shared by all living organisms.

Portland based Fleshtone is a community of multi-media performers and artists including costumer/choreographer Jayme Hansen, electronic music producers Brett Whitman, visual/performance artist Joseph Bryan, and dancers Kim Hansen, Jill Scantlan, and Kara Murff.