Ma Qiusha presents her diaristic video No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiaobeili, a simple confessional that explores the artist’s conflict with personal, parental, and societal pressures to be successful. Holding a razorblade on her tongue, the artist tells short stories about her life as a young artist. She describes being compelled to strive for perfection and she talks about a search for meaning and understanding. She wonders about her parents’ approval and worries about her value to society as an artist and a daughter. Her speech is muddled and stunted by the cutting blade. The video is both psychological portrait and performance document.

Gallery Hours

Sept 04 – Sept 13 . Every Day, 12 – 6:30 pm
Sept 17 – Oct 18 . Thurs – Fri . 12 – 6:30 pm; Sat – Sun . 12 – 4 pm