Making and Unmaking TV, Co-Presented by Cinema Project
March 17 & 18/ 7:30pm
$8 suggested donation

March 17
Interviews with Interviewers… About Interviewing
By Skip Blumberg
[1985, video transferred to DVcam, color, sound, 51min.]

March 18
Studio of the Streets
By Tony Conrad and Cathy Steffan
[1990–1994, video transferred to digital file, color, sound, 61min.]

This program looks back to two moments in the history of video when the interview as a practice and television as a medium were important sites of innovation and intervention for politically minded artists. Featuring the work of two experimental video pioneers, Skip Blumberg and Tony Conrad, these screenings explore the versatility and mobility of the interview as a method and television as a means for public broadcast. Pointing their cameras in opposite directions, these artists use the interview as a tool of engagement.  They call our attention to the significance of this cultural form for both commercial television and public access cable, revealing the ways in which the interview functions as an ambivalent means for the production of knowledge, the promotion of celebrity, the representation of public opinion, and the articulation of political critique.

This program is guest curated by artist, scholar, and political activist Paige Sarlin, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Media Study at the University of Buffalo, SUNY and whose current research includes a book manuscript entitled “Interview-Work: The Genealogy of a Cultural Form.” March 17th’s screening will conclude with an informal lecture and discussion with Paige. March 18th’s program will conclude with a discussion between Paige and artist Tony Conrad.