[counterverse, n. A verse sung alternately; a burden or refrain taken up by others.]

“Univocal being is at one and the same time nomadic distribution and crowned anarchy.” – Gilles Deleuze

“The general intellect is looking for a body.” – Franco “Bifo” Berardi

A library is composed of silent notations, traces of language archived, stacked and ordered, anticipating enunciation and repetition. a chorus for counterverse is an eruption of voices, a melodic patterning of the inexhaustible potentiality within the records of PICA’s Resource Room. During the course of a chorus for counterverse, Mars Dietz will assemble and conduct a voluntary choir of local and international voices to read, echo, sing and speak the materials of the Resource Room. The artist will simultaneously rearrange and reprint the contents of the library and archive in a small series of paper ephemera. Using the given collection as an infinite score, a chorus recombines language by embodying it in voice and mirroring it in print. a chorus for counterverse is a storm of breath and paper, a ritournelle in an act of translation between writing and speech and speech and writing.

About Resource Room Residencies
PICA’s Resource Room Residency  (RRR) program was initiated in 2012 to provide time, space, and resources for artists whose practices live at the intersection of art and research. The program encourages a consideration of libraries, archives, collections, and collecting, but can find outlets in many forms and disciplines. The RRRs are provided with a modest stipend and unlimited access to our archive of books, media, and ephemera for prolonged engagements. They intersect with PICA’s members and the broader community through salon discussions, screenings, public performances, and printed materials. The 2014 RRRs are Matthew Cowan and Mars Dietz.

All images courtesy of the artist.