TBA:09 audiences experienced Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company’s sly and darkly comic look at race in THE SHIPMENT. This year, new audiences and returning fans alike can catch the performance off-stage and on the big screen, courtesy of OntheBoards.tv. Then, make sure to join our Noontime Chat with On the Boards, when we’ll compare the experience of live art with that of a filmed recording, and discuss the future formats of stage performance.

OntheBoards.tv offers high-quality, full-length performance videos by some of today’s most provocative artists working in dance, theater, music and other mediums. Participating artists and venues share profits, offering artists not only a new method for reaching broader audiences, but also a new revenue stream. OtB.tv aims to encourage people to see live performances and participate in the ongoing dialogue about new art and ideas. The inspiration for OtB.tv came, in part, from On the Boards’ success over the past 6 years offering online resources to accompany their live season presentations. During that time, participation in online activities markedly increased, setting the stage for an online performance initiative.

OntheBoards.tv is a project of Seattle’s On the Boards and is made possible with support from The Wallace Foundation and Dance/USA Engaging Dance Audiences.