Also known as “Celli” or “Cellodarity,” The Portland Cello Project is a multi-genre collaboration of cellists in the Portland area, created to celebrate the rich diversity of playing styles and invention by its members and the Portland community. The ensemble is made up almost entirely of classically- trained cellists who have chosen to devote much (if not all) of their time playing music in venues and for audiences not traditionally associated with the cello. From the initial idea of a cello-assimilation to now, the group has grown a reputation for dynamic, accomplished, and cleverly unpredictable extravaganzas of musical diversity.

Conceived as the brainchild of Amy McIntire in 2005, the Portland Cello Project is generally an ensemble ranging from 4-10 players, with a rotating group of other volunteer cellists. The group has a wide-ranging repertoire of pieces composed and arranged by members of the group and by local musicians, influenced by a multitude of styles including folk, pop, blues, jazz and experimental indie rock, to traditional classical music. Performances have included hip-hop rappers, Britney Spears covers, the composed ballads of Peter Broderick (Horsefeathers), Laura Gibson, Holcombe Waller, as well as the classical compositions of Beethoven and Barber.