Take a slew of emerging, established, revered, and talked about artists from across the burgeoning city of Portland. Put them all together in a studio. Give them access to accomplished printers, free flowing ink, and lots of coffee, and watch them turn stacks of blank pages into coveted art. Ranging in price from $100-$250, prints are sold on a first come, first served basis. All proceeds to benefit PICA’s Artistic Programming.

The 5th Annual Prints for PICA event: A printmaking marathon and floor-to-ceiling studio art sale returns this December 15, 2007. Conceived by artist Stephen Hayes and hosted by TodayArt Studios, Prints for PICA gathers artists together in support of PICA’s artistic programming. Over 50 artists spend all day Saturday creating and printing with the sale opening that evening for the public from 5pm through 9pm.

While Prints for PICA is a great chance to buy a very special gift, it’s also an amazing opportunity to create and build a personal art collection—either for a friend of for your own home “gallery”—all while helping make the world safe for contemporary art. In past years Prints for PICA artists, printers and buyers have contributed significant funds to PICA’s Visual Art Program – providing important ballast for the creation of new work and the support of artist residencies.

This year Prints for PICA artists include: Adam Sorenson, Alex Felton, Annette Thurston, Barb Tetenbaum, Bill Park, Blair Saxon Hill, Bonnie Paisley, Brad Adkins, Brendan Clenaghen, Brendan Sthalman, Bruce Conkle, Bryan Schellinger, Calvin Ross Carl, Carol Ferris, Catherine Rondthaler, Cecilia Hallinan, Chris Gander, Christine Bourdette, Christy Wyckoff, Corey Lunn, Cris Moss, Cynthia Lathi, Dana Lynn Louis, Daniel Duford, Darren Orange, David Corbett, Deborah Horrell, Eleanor Erskine, Ellen George, Emery Hinckley, Emily Ginsburg, Gabriel Liston, Gabriele Irle, Harvest Henderson, Heather Watkins, Henk Pander, Hilary Pfeifer, Jenene Nagy, Jesse Hayward, Joe Hockett, Joe Thurston, John Brandsberg, John Brodie, Josh Berger, Kristan Kennedy, Linda Hutchins, Linda K Johnson, Mack Mcfarland, Manya Shapiro, Mark Mahaffey, Marty Houston, MaryAnn Plus, Meg Peterson, Melia Donovan, Midori Hirosi, MK Guth, Modou Dieng, Morgan Walker, Nan Curtis, Nathaniel Price, Nicole Smith, Paige Saez, Patrick Long, Patrick Rock, Pete McCracken, Philip Iosca, Rae Mahaffey, Rafi Grossman-Naples, Renne Zangara, Rhoda London, Rob Halverson, Robert Gamblin, Samantha Wall, Sarah Gottesdiener, Scott Porter, Scott Wayne Indiana, Sean Carney, Sean Healy, Stephen Hayes, Stephen Slappe, Storm Tharp, Susan Klein, Tim Dalbow, Tina Lange, TJ Norris, Ty Ennis, Yoshihiro Kitai, Yuji Hiratsuka, and more!