This pirate radio station and walk-in jukebox is devoted to auditory pick-me-ups. Housed in a storefront, and created by the songs people bring to it The Sound System contains dozens of boomboxes, all tuned to the same frequency. Anyone may stop in with a CD of sounds they’d like to add to the mix. Red76 needs you to deliver songs that get you out of bed, serve as mantras or act as anthems for your day. The public is welcome to stay a while and take in the songs that their fellow citizens have contributed. What song will you bring? They’ll play anything.

Travelers and Record is an archive of public submissions devoted to the examination of materials concerning our daily travels in order to evaluate where we are headed and why. Travelers and Record was initiated by Red76 and sponsored by the Art Department of Portland State University, where their main office is located.

Red76 is the moniker for collaboratively based projects conceived, most often, by Sam Gould, and fleshed out by a group of like minded artists usually consisting, but not limited to, Zefrey Throwell, Khris Soden, Paige Saez, Jen Rhoads, Laura Baldwin and others. Since it’s founding in 2000, Red76 has gone from organizing underground art to instigating over 50 projects internationally. Recently they were included in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Peer Pleasure 2 in addition to projects at The Drawing Center, The Kitchen, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Southern Exposure, Reed College, The Soap Factory and the Atlanta College of Art Gallery.

Venue generously donated by the Ace Hotel and A&R Development.