S.E.C.R.E.T.S. presents Prince Romeo the Crow, a theatrical performance of the eponymous album that explores the duality of love and fear, and the forces that shape our actions and fates. This theatrical performance is a surrealist multimedia take on the album. Part experimental theater, part live music video, the performance features dreamy, dark pop ballads, costumes and dramatic visuals. Interactions on this stage give visual and material interpretation of the overwhelming, contradictory forces that shape our feelings and actions—dealing in particular with issues of love, fear, courage, fate, and agency. Prince Romeo the Crow uses obfuscation and visual dispersal, to refocus attention from the performers themselves to their ideas, resulting in a more intimate, introspective experience. This performance asks the following. At what point does the performance of love and fear become love and fear itself? In performing, do we conjure those actual forces, as we conjure them bodily on the stage? And if so, when faced with them, what do we do?

This event will be hosted by guest DJ duo 2 Tabs (Gran Ritmos) who play pan-American dance music, from cumbia to acid house. It will also include a DJ set from Spoiler Room, a performance by Snake Oil, and live video mixing by Matt Henderson (Xchurch/Portland Immersive Media Group).

Silent Ending Caught in Rapture Emblems Truth and Secrets (S.E.C.R.E.T.S.) is a performance-based surrealist musical project from Portland, OR, and is comprised of musician Aaron Chapman (of Nurses), and visual artist/dancers Andrea Glaser and Rose Dickson.

Spoiler Room is an artist run audio-visual media collective from Portland, Oregon, that organizes free social “episodes” and dance parties. The events are shot to analog video on low-fi portable TV studio, edited in real-time, presented as video documents on Portland cable access, and archived online. Each documented episode is an hour long, shot in a variety of settings, and 076 revolves around a guest DJ or artist.