Sincerely, John Head (SJH) alternately and sometimes simultaneously plays the role of idolized performer and earnest fan by hosting events and producing artifacts that revel in both personas. BOX SET is the conglomeration of projects and events begun by SJH in 2006 to be completed in 2008, including but not limited to tailgating, champagne car washes, video, joyrides and photo shoots. These objects and actions reference and revamp the 1977 double-platinum album Foghat LIVE. In commemoration of the upcoming 30-year anniversary of this monumental album, SJH presents Studio Sessions.

Studio Sessions is a sound studio open, by appointment, to anyone. Microphones, an electric guitar and bass, and a drum set will be provided. Within a recording-studio setting, participants can cover a song of their choice from Foghat LIVE in any style they choose, from heavy metal to hip-hop to doo-wop. Each song will be recorded for a future pressing of the SJH Foghat LIVE cover album. Studio Sessions will make its debut here in Portland and will tour to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center in the Spring of 2008.

Sincerely, John Head (SJH) is Nat Andreini and R. Scott Porter. The two have been creating event-based work together since 2001, targeting candid public audiences, as well as informed participants. SJH has organized exhibitions in makeshift spaces, and thrown tailgate parties in Victoria B.C., Oakland, Olympia, and Portland. Car Show, the next installment of BOX SET, will be presented at Small A Projects in October 2007.

This installation is made possible in part by the Kristy Edmunds Fund for New Work.