What you are reading is not mere propaganda…this is not a test! This is the REVOLUTION and YOU, my deviant darlings, are the Revolutionaries! The time has come to drop your hair dryer and pick up a flame-thrower. The time has come to file your nails into razor blades and take arms against homogenization. Let’s hike up those mini-skirts, girls, and show ‘em your balls! Join Sissyboy on the front lines of this Gender Revolution as we move beyond Queer Safe Space, bending gender roles until they break!

Sissyboy is a family on the fringe. When performing, they hold the space for change and ignite the night with revolution and wonder. As artists, co-conspiritors and friends, they nourish the things that weave people together and boldly face what unravels us all. Sissyboy, the cathartic comedians of drag, are looking for a few good men…to deconstruct, demoralize and digest into their gender fluid army; to keep their high heels on the frontier of artistic performance expression. Sissyboy is the search and celebration of rebellious originality. They are Art, Theatre, Media and Gender Terrorists working communally to add colorful dimension to the hum-drum binary lives of ones and zeros.

Come, join the Sissyboy Revolution and don’t forget to dress fierce!