BIG 3rd Episode (happy/end) contains the bitter taste of failure and death. As Jacques Derrida would say: “…at the end, we know, all this will end very badly! There is no way to reach the absolute good. Presence is always divided, split…” On the stage of BIG 3rd Episode (happy/end), everything looks perfect: the show is smart and funny; the women on stage are beautiful, healthy and sexy; the men are mean and cynical; the dialogues fit perfectly the image of perfection. Using strategies of repetition and decontextualisation, Superamas dig under the surface of representation to expose the power of this desire for happiness and at the same time its total vanity. These strategies create an auto-reflexive thinking process, leading the spectator to reflect upon their own participation in the piece and their own predictable expectations of happiness.

Co-producers: Dans in Kortrijk/Belgium, Internationales Tanzfest Berlin, TanzWerkstatt Berlin, Hebbel am Ufer/Germany, Szene Salzburg/Austria, and Nettverk for Scenekunst (Bergen/Oslo/Trondheim)/Norway.