Come join us for a flight of small tastes, eaten with your eyes closed.* In this game of sensory deprivation and exploration, you will taste a flight of 15 small bites.** The lucky super taster whose bingo board has the most matches will win a bottle of New Deal Vodka.

Edible Portland magazine, published by the nonprofit Ecotrust, has invited three chefs to each host a round of blind-tasting bingo. These games bring to life the magazine’s goal to engage readers with questions about food: why it tastes the way it does and makes us feel the way we do; how it’s grown and who plays what roles to bring it into our lives. Blind-tasting bingo gives an intimate tour of each chef’s flavor palate and approach to creating expertly crafted, fearlessly creative food.

Chef Jason French will host a game on September 11. At his restaurant, Ned Ludd—named after the founder of the Luddite movement—French takes the highest quality local ingredients and concentrates them with only one heat source: wood fire.

Chef Naoko Tamura will host a round on September 12. She runs one of Portland’s most inspired lunch restaurants, Chef Naoko’s Bento Café. Her menu changes weekly; Tamura has coaxed nearby farmers to grow Japanese produce so that she can utilize what’s in season in Oregon to make the most traditional Japanese home cooking available outside of Kyoto, Japan.

Chef Johanna Ware will host a game on September 14. Ware describes Smallwares, her small restaurant cum bar in the Beaumont neighborhood, which opened this spring, as “inauthentic Asian.” Building on her experiences in New York as sous chef at Public Restaurant and Momofuku Ssam Bar, and then in Portland as sous chef at Nostrana, Ware layers ingredients deftly to play up expectations and then unravel them, offering mouthfuls of surprise. As Karen Brooks of Portland Monthly wrote, “Nothing tastes as it seems.”

Join us! Come try out your mouth-mind connection!


* We will not blind-fold you, unless you insist.
** The flight may include meat, fish, dairy, nuts and gluten.