A well-executed meal is a tactile, participatory art performance. This year, PICA has invited a different Portland chef each night to take over our first-ever outdoor kitchen, built on-site for TBA, and cook up food inspired by late summer produce. From noshy snacks to full-blown meals, come eat thoughtful food that could only exist at this peak of local produce, when summer begins to wane. Without a reservation or long wait, experience the imaginative talent in Portland kitchens and chefs’ personal ideas of pleasure and satisfaction. Come hungry!

The Bunk Truck is pulling up and making its intense, lip-smacking sandwiches onsite. Crispy, greasy, gooey, delicious–a bunk sandwich is an experience that demands complete attention. If you’ve been to the lunch counter or Bunk Bar, you know how lovingly and with imagination the team at Bunk—Tommy Habetz, Nick Wood and Matt Brown—concocts sandwiches, taking classics and ratcheting them up a notch. They always select the perfect bread, fill it to the brim, and make it sizzle a little more than you’d let yourself at home. We can think of no better way to spend a Friday night than a Bunk sandwich followed by a Thu Tran performance. That is called living in the now.