What do we wish came tumbling out of school vending machines? What are the tastiest snacks of the back-to-school season, when summer becomes fall and Portland-area farms are growing their most beautiful produce? Ecotrust, publisher of Edible Portland, works with school districts, preschools, and child care centers to transform the ways students experience food—how cafeterias source ingredients, how teachers involve gardens and experiences on farms, and more. Playing out our wildest dreams, Ecotrust is transforming the Washington High Principal’s Office into a snack office with $1 to $4 items that are wholly inspired by what’s growing in Oregon in September. Come buy cups of the ripest, freshest produce like local melon with smoked salt, lemon cucumber with verbena chimmichurri, and ficoide glaciale, (a crazy, crunchy aloe like lettuce from Viridian Farms) with rosemary honey prepared by Abby Fammartino of Abby’s Table. You can even get a scoop of 50 Licks ice cream!