TBA Food brings together chefs, cooks, and artists who make space for community and inquiry through their creative practices. This year, featured vendors will offer snacks and meals through our late night pop-up restaurant at PICA. This space forms the backdrop for The Patio—a space where artists and audiences gather throughout the day and night to relax, connect, eat, and drink. TBA Food includes a panel discussion on the intersection of art, food, and community, and a special edition of Portland’s beloved Tender Table. TBA Food embodies PICA’s commitment to social justice and local economy. We support immigrant-owned businesses and creative projects that offer a platform for underrepresented voices in the art and food industries, and invite Festival audiences to experience Portland’s culinary landscape from new perspectives.

Meet the Vendors

The Big Elephant Kitchen

Many years back, Fiji was a British colony where Indians were brought to farm sugarcane. Having lived most of their lives in Fiji, these farmers decided to stay there when their contracts were up. Because of this, the cultures of the Native Polynesian Fijians and those of the Indian immigrants eventually began to commingle, giving us Indian curry variants, with an islander twist. The Big Elephant Kitchen happily brings their home-cooked Fijian/Indian food to Portland. Their chef, also the owner’s mother, cooks each dish using her homemade masala; they use all fresh ingredients, cut and ground right there in the restaurant.

Platano Rising

Platano Rising is a small Afro-Caribbean food company in Portland, Oregon. Chef Arlyn Frank is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a vibrant and active city in the Caribbean. She recreates meals from her family dinners, to tell the story of the experience of the African diaspora in America. Since opening in February of 2018, Platano Rising has been a welcome addition to the thriving Portland food community. They cater community-centered events like the first and last Black Femme series, Ori Gallery art exhibitions, fundraisers like Queer Soup night and Brown Girl Rising, non-profits like Forward Together. With its tropical flavors, colorful ingredients, and family recipes, Platano Rising is a delicious piece of the Caribbean in the Northwest.

Mis Tacones

Mis Tacones is a contemporary taqueria that serves vegan tacos, tortas, and aguas frescas similar to taquerias that are popular in Baja, California, Mexico, or in working class communities in East Los Angeles. Creators Carlos Reynoso, and Abram Bañuelos work to preserve the traditions of their Mexican heritage. Their passion is to share their love of Mexican street food, making Mis Tacones a sustainable popup that also functions as a safe space for queer and POC communities within Portland, Oregon. Mis Tacones allows individuals to experience a traditional Mexican taqueria with authentic flavors that are cruelty free.