“At the heart of the group’s work is the understanding that the societal beliefs we hold towards culture, country, and conquest are often as simple, and yet somehow deeply embedded, as a pop melody that gets stuck inside your head. What if we could harness the power of that annoying pop jingle stuck at the core of our beings since 1996 to recontextualize our current time and place?” —Ryan Woodring

WORLD PREMIERE: Weird Allen Kaprow (WAK) presents self-karaoke, a new body of video, installation, and performance work that repurposes pop melodies to explore the political dimensions of self-care in our crumbling late capitalist democracy.

Self-Karaoke features new songs and performances by special guest collaborators.

WAK is a post-colonial conceptual karaoke band comprised of artists Mariah Carrie Mae Weems, Yoko Bono, Jasper John Lennon, and Joseph Beuys II Men.

WAK projects have been featured in the Agitprop! exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York; the Out Of Sight Survey of Northwest Art in Seattle, Washington; the Writ Large festival at The Great Wall of Oakland, California; the Auto Body exhibition in Miami, Florida; the Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Shine a Light at the Portland Art Museum, the POW Film Fest, the Converge 45 art fair, and the Hollywood theater in Portland, Oregon.

Run time: 90 min.