Stan’s Cafe Associate Directors, Amanda Hadingue and Craig Stephens, lead a practical workshop sharing improvising and devising techniques used in the creation of Stan’s Cafe’s acclaimed studio theatre shows. Participants will explore how formal constraints generate provocative content and how interest in content can influence innovations.


Amanda Hadingue (Deviser, Performer)
Amanda Hadingue gained a first class theatre degree at Lancaster University in 1988. Hadingue has worked as a performer and deviser with many of Britain’s most respected experimental theatre companies including IOU Theatre, The People Show, Station House Opera, Scarlet Theatre, Pete Brooks’ Insomniac Productions, Gary Stephens, Graeme Miller and David Gale. She has been a key member of Stan’s Cafe since 1993 and her work with the company includes Canute, Bingo, Voodoo City, Simple Maths, It’s Your Film, So Bring Me Down, Blank Retina, Some Questions, Good and True, Lurid and Insane, Space Station, Framed, Of All The People In All The World, Be Proud Of Me and Home of the Wriggler.

Craig Stephens (Associate Director, Deviser, Performer)
Craig Stephens is a Graduate from Warwick University and gained an M.A. at Lancaster University before working with Amanda Hadingue for Insomniac Productions and Graeme Rose in Plane Performance and The Resurrectionists. He has written for Radio Four and Talking Birds. Stephens’ work with Stan’s Cafe includes Simple Maths, Nightshifting (Director), Marginal Notes, It’s Your Film, Susan Tuesday (Director), The Carrier Frequency (Technician), Some Questions, Good and True, The Black Maze, Lurid and Insane, Broadway Hertz, Dreamlife Saga, Framed, Be Proud Of Me, Of All The People In All The World and Home of the Wriggler.


Stan’s Cafe
Of All the People in All the World
September 8 – September 17
Every day 12-6 pm
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Swigert Commons

CHAT: Art and Social Practice
Wednesday . September 13
12:30 – 1:30 pm, PNCA
David Eckard, with the performers of Stan’s Café, Red76, and MK Guth on innovative practices that engage the urban environment.