When articulating the realms of disorientation we are forced to address a classic performative paradox: is it possible for a trained performer who is taught a virtuosic means of physical control, to actually surrender and perform failure on stage? The goal of Articulating Disorientation as a whole is to practice navigating and simultaneously rewriting our habits/techniques, performing otherness as a way to sublimate our habitual intention and access an encyclopedia of personal queer scores.

During the research and creation of his performances, Wade has found great inspiration in teaching a deconstructive approach to movement exploration and improvisation. In this three-day workshop, he will share some of these physical and theoretical practices that he has developed. Moving from basic warm-ups to rhythmic movements and partner exercises, the workshops will lead participants through a series of somatic visualizations and explorations that will tap into a new perspective on presence and impulse in the dancing body. Workshop participants will navigate multiple means to surrender control of the physical, emotional, and behavioral body while scanning, directing, and further deconstructing personal experience.