Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort


In GERMINAL, French artists Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort create one of the most talked-about recent…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall
Field Guide 160

Field Guide: Jack Ferver

With Guest Faculty Jesse Hewit

One of PICA’s most popular year-round programs gets TBA treatment with five festival Field Guides facilitated…

PICA at West EndEcotrust


“[Arca’s latest work] &&&&&, It’s a reinforcement of the beat-heavy chill he’s famous for, but also…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Luke George and Collaborators, Not About Face.

Luke George and Collaborators

Not About Face

[Not About Face] is always engaging, sometimes awkward, sometimes an exercise in failure, finally ecstatic… it’s as…

Jack Ferver

Jack Ferver

Mon, Ma, Mes

“Performance art delivered with aplomb.” —Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times In Mon, Ma, Mes,…


Larry/Laura Arrington


SQUART! says “Get your ass on stage, be spontaneous, short-circuit the forces of habit and expectation…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Mammalian Diving Reflex - All the Sex I've Ever Had

Mammalian Diving Reflex

All the Sex I've Ever Had

It goes to show that the most moving stories come from ordinary folk trying to live…

PSU: Shattuck Hall Annex
Field Guide 160

Field Guide: Luke George & Hilary Clark

With Guest Faculty FRONT

One of PICA’s most popular year-round programs gets TBA treatment with five festival Field Guides facilitated…

PICA at West End
Jason Trager

Jason Traeger


In 2013 Portland based artist, photographer, and comic Jason Traeger began documenting Portland Oregon’s internationally recognized…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Jennifer West, Flashlight Filmstrip Projections.

Jennifer West

Flashlight Filmstrip Projections - Performance

Exhibition Open:

Jennifer West launches the first of her new pre-post fragmented cinematic environments where viewers are invited…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Duet Love - Tahni Holt

Tahni Holt

Duet Love

“The movement is powerful and raw and compelling…” —The Seattle Times, Brangien Davis Duet Love performs…

Imago Theatre
Cynthia Hopkins, A Living Documentary

Cynthia Hopkins

A Living Documentary

A breathtaking visionary. —Time Out New York A triumph of disciplined thinking, narrative fluidity, and musical…

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre
Maya Beiser

M A Y A Beiser: Uncovered

Featuring members of the Portland Cello Project

M A Y A Beiser: Uncovered With virtuoso chops, rock-star charisma, and an appetite for pushing…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall
Christopher Sutton, RE: Disc COVER

Christopher Sutton


Christopher Sutton describes his whole life as revolving around his love of music. RE: Disc Cover…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker

Canadian-based musician and sound artist, explores the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering an approach…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall
Field Guide 160

Field Guide: Tahni Holt

With Guest Faculty Tonya Lockyer

One of PICA’s most popular year-round programs gets TBA treatment with five festival Field Guides facilitated…

New Expressive Works
Pepper Pepper, CRITICAL MASCARA "A Post-Realness Drag Ball"

Pepper Pepper

CRITICAL MASCARA “A Post-Realness Drag Ball”

CRITICAL MASCARA “A Post-Realness Drag Ball” returns to the TBA stage with a much anticipated sequel…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech
Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq in concert with Nanook of the North

[Tagaq’s music is] like Edith Piaf… Totally emotional. — Björk [Tagaq] made it (Inuit throat singing)…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall
Eisa Jocson - Death of the Pole Dancer - Macho Dancer

Eisa Jocson

Death of the Pole Dancer and Macho Dancer

“As a woman portraying a seductive male dancer, she is hauntingly accurate. Ms. Jocson’s androgynous beauty,…

Bodyvox Dance Center
Field Guide 160

Field Guide: Tanya Tagaq

With Guest Faculty Jessica Bissett Perea

One of PICA’s most popular year-round programs gets TBA treatment with five festival Field Guides facilitated…

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall
Samita Sinha

Samita Sinha


Unique’ has generally come to mean ‘slightly out of the ordinary,’ but Samita Sinha’s voice warrants…

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre
BodyCartography Project

BodyCartography Project

Super Nature

Here was a deeply intellectual experience of consciousness conveyed through physicality. Across the synapses between sensation…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech


TBA:14 Opening Night!

THEESatisfaction are artists that blend elements of hip-hop, electronic, and dance. They’re positive energy. Black energy,…

THE WORKS at Fashion Tech


Art vs. Capitalism – Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit on Andrea Geyer

Join us for drinks, food, and Field Guide’s first foray into the work of a visual…

PICA at West End

PICA’s New Year’s Eve Art Drop

Ring in 2014 with us and Light Asylum!!!

Come ring in the new year with PICA’s first-ever New Year’s Eve Art Drop, featuring Brooklyn-based LIGHT…


Ivana Müller


A show performed by its audience. Taking the form of a theatrical “read-through,” attendees will pick…

CoHo Theatre

Nacera Belaza

Le Cri

“In her minimal work Ms. Belaza has revealed nothing and everything in a captivating swoop.” —The…

Con-Way: Black Box

Miguel Gutierrez & the Powerful People

And lose the name of action

“…unfold[s] with bracing, almost destabilizing momentum, but even after that subsides, his potent images have a…

Hampton Opera Center

The Chop Theatre/Itai Erdal

How to Disappear Completely

“The professional insights of Erdal, who at times operates the lighting from the stage [...] illuminate his…

Imago Theatre

Field Guide: Miguel Gutierrez

With Guest Faculty Tonya Lockyer


Hampton Opera Center

Karen Sherman

One with Others

“Karen Sherman is an artist with both grit and guts…She is agile and fearless.” —Minneapolis/St. Paul City…

Bodyvox Dance Center

Field Guide: Bouchra Ouizguen

With Guest Faculty Keith Hennessy

PICA’s new Field Guide program will take off during TBA, offering up new avenues for you to explore,…

New Expressive Works

Daniel Barrow

The Thief of Mirrors/Looking for Love in the Hall of Mirrors

Co-presented with NW Film Center Since the early 90s, Daniel Barrow has developed a unique style…

Northwest Film Center: Portland Art Museum, Whitsell Auditorium


Kim Gordon (CKM, Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, etc.) and Bill Nace (X.O.4, Vampire Belt, Ceylon Mange,…


Bouchra Ouizguen


Moroccan choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen draws inspiration from the writings of the famed Persian poet and Sufi…

Imago Theatre

Nacera Belaza

Le Trait Solos & Le Temps Scellé

“Nacera Belaza practices the detail drawing, the imperceptible nuance, the painting of a slow-moving body with a play…

Con-Way: Black Box

Linda Austin & David Eckard

Three Trick Pony

Music composed by Doug Theriault “Ms. Austin’s powers of invention never failed her.” —The New York Times…

Con-Way: Black Box

Mariano Pensotti


“Pensotti has a fine facility with irony, with the fine balance between comedy and tragedy.” —British Theatre Guide…

PSU: Urban Center Plaza

Third Angle New Music Ensemble

In the Dark

“In the beginning, Georg said, let there be no light. And there was dark. Silky, womb-like India-ink…

OMSI: Planetarium

Field Guide: Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit

With Guest Faculty Zoe Scofield

PICA’s new Field Guide program will take off during TBA, offering up new avenues for you to explore,…

CoHo Theatre

Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit


In ADULT, grown-up friends Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit exorcise and exhaust their collective fantasies about…

Con-Way: Dance Space

The Blow


“A true original.” —Pitchfork The Blow returns to TBA in its new collaborative incarnation between founder…

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre

Trajal Harrell

Antigone Jr. / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (Jr.)

“The themes in these works [...] are big and fractious ones. Race, gender, sexuality, all intersecting at…

Con-Way: Black Box

Trajal Harrell

Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure)/Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (M2M)

“Restraint and minimalism can be just as sexy and intriguing as vivacity and flair. Combined, they present a…

Con-Way: Black Box

Meow Meow & Thomas M. Lauderdale

The Cat's Meow, with the Oregon Symphony

International kamikaze cabaret sensation Meow Meow returns to Portland to take the symphony by storm!…

PORTLAND’5: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Field Guide: Trajal Harrell

With Guest Faculty FRONT

PICA’s new Field Guide program will take off during TBA, offering up new avenues for you…

CoHo Theatre

Suniti Dernovsek & David Stein / bobbevy

This is how we disappear

This is how we disappear examines the complexity, frailty, and weight of human relationships in contrast…

Bodyvox Dance Center

CAMPO / Pieter Ampe & Guilherme Garrido

Still Standing You

“To say that this contemporary dance piece is memorable is an understatement: You can’t forget watching two naked…

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre

Lola Arias

El año que nací (The Year I Was Born)

Spanish with English subtitles “…it shakes you to the core [...] Recommended for all generations –…

Imago Theatre

Field Guide: Dance

Every body is the material*

In this second iteration of PICA’s new Field Guide program, we will explore, experience, and discuss…

New Expressive Works

Emily Johnson/Catalyst

Niicugni (listen)

A layered performance of dance, live music, and stories, housed within an installation of fish-skin lanterns and original instruments. …

Bodyvox Dance Center

Harrell Fletcher & Emily Johnson

What We Talk About

In this special matinee performance of Niicugni, artist Harrell Fletcher will intermittently “press pause” on performer…

Bodyvox Dance Center

How Do You Mean? Culture in Translation

PICA Symposium

An interdisciplinary weekend of art, performance, and conversations, investigating the complexity of constructing and communicating culture in contemporary art…

Various Locations

Mike Daisey


The “master storyteller” returns to Portland with the world premiere of a new work investigating truth, fiction, and journalism….

Tiffany Center Emerald Ballroom

Brendan Fowler: And Martin (11)

New music from Brendan Fowler’s (formerly BARR) latest pop deconstruction/performance art project….

PICA at West End

Jeremy Wade: Fountain

As shaman, a preacher, a fool, a teacher, Wade’s solo dance draws the audience into a collective sensational experience….

PICA at West End

Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Snow Angel

The “greatest cabaret artist of this generation” performs a razor-sharp holiday show of original songs, spoken word, and snowy glamour….

Star Theater

Laurie Anderson


Legendary musician and artist Laurie Anderson performs the third and final of her groundbreaking solo story works…

PORTLAND’5: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Voices and Echoes

Akio Suzuki, Gozo Yoshimasu, Otomo Yoshihide, Curated by Aki Onda

Sound artist Akio Suzuki, experimental poet Gozo Yoshimasu, and improvisatory guitarist/turntablist Otomo Yoshihide present a range of performances that cross between literature, sound art, music, and improvisation….

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall


Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech

Three vignettes track the absurd and mundane stories of a group of office employees in this stylized performance derived from everyday gestures….

Washington High School

Gob Squad

Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had it So Good)

Recreating the iconic 60s films of Andy Warhol, live actors cross in and out of the film and audience….

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall

Faustin Linyekula

Le Cargo

Linyekula bears witness through his dance to decades of war, terror, and fear, while also subverting the dominant image of contemporary Congo with one of resourcefulness and hope.

PORTLAND’5: Winningstad Theatre

Claire L. Evans


A design fiction presentation pitching a speculative service that would remove ended relationships from the internet, storing them in physical objects….

PICA at West End

Sam Green & Yo La Tengo

The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller

A “live documentary” film with a live soundtrack by Yo La Tengo, examining the legacy of the visionary Buckminster Fuller….

Washington High School

Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero

Turbulence (a dance about the economy)

A collaborative creation, Turbulence is an experimental hybrid of contemporary dance, improvised happening, and political theater in response to economic crisis….

Imago Theatre

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol

Asalto al Agua Transparente

In this compelling play, Lagartijas explores the stark water issues of Lake Texcoco from the Aztec founding of Tenochitlan to the modern day Meixco-city.

Bodyvox Dance Center


Biljana Kosmogina, Petra Kovacic, East Rodeo

An evening of site-specifc performance art from some Croatia and Serbia’s most provocative current artists. …

Washington High School

Kota Yamazaki/Fluid Hug-Hug


A collaboration with six dancers from Japan, Senegal, Ethiopia, and the US that evokes classical Japanese aesthetics and the subtle interplay of light and shadow….

PSU: Lincoln Performance Hall