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Hot House

Hot House

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100 Years/100 Paintings

Making my way up the elevator to the PICA office, I envisioned the doors opening and a dramatic scene from Portlandia would be on full display—a multigenerational meeting ground of old art connoisseurs and young millennials on their latest culture trip. Instead, I was greeted by two sincerely genuine and engaged women. Roya and Kirsten introduced me to their space….

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As 2016 draws to a close with the world changed, we remain steadfast as ever. PICA is and will always be a sanctuary for people of all faiths, nationalities, religions, and gender identities. We’re always working to present artists, host community events, and be allies to those who need us. The world needs art more than ever, and we need you more than ever to help us present it….

Precipice Fund Project Update: Projection of B-Format Signal Set Waves Into Cathedral Park

As we approach the end of Precipice Fund’s third grant period and get ready to announce our Round 4 grantees on December 13, we’ve been checking in with our current round of grantees to see how their projects are progressing. The update below comes from Projection of B-Format Signal Set Waves into Cathedral Park in May 2016. Their event, described thusly on their Facebook, was held for 10 hours in Cathedral Park on Saturday, August 20:

Utilizing contemporary techniques in acoustics and sound design, seven artists have created sound installation pieces meant for a six-speaker array. The speaker array will be located in Cathedral Park, filling the space as well as interacting with its architecture. Attendants are welcome to stay for the duration and enjoy the pieces within the tranquil setting of the park’s landscape.

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